Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The beginning

The world of the blogosphere awaits my arrival with anticipation; I can feel it. The creation of this blogspot is merely the beginning of the end for the apathetic slug through life which people often believe we are in.
I believe this to be a myth and that people are actually full of passion, anger, joy, etc but often feel that it is not the done thing to make this passion visible. Like all myths, the longer this apathetic belief perpetuates, the more it will force itself to be a reality.
This must be halted at all costs. The best way to do this is to confront the banal, repetitive, seemingly meaningless elements of your life and demand to see the meaning and significance hidden behind them.
I open this space to be an arena of free speech and debate on any topic you like, yet find that focusing energy on particular media would be the most productive way to channel this discussion. This is important as certain recognisable items - Film, TV, music, videogames, comic books, and the rest of popular culture that restlessly bangs at our senses - are presented in such a way to provoke passive consumption; this does not have to be the case. They all make you think something; regardless of what some Guardian critic says, Transformers 2 is as culturally significant as is a new Ken Loach, Almodovar or Von Trier film, as it reaches the masses and imparts its message upon them (note: I take nothing away from the excellence of these filmmakers or the shitness of The Rise of the Fallen, I merely make the point that their influence is restricted to a limited social sphere).

This blog is for all those who wish to speak their opinion with a passion, with no regard for people's feelings. Though this common courtesy is an essential part of interacting in the "real" (problematic term used in this context to mean "not on the Internet") public sphere, it often serves as a barrier to truth; a barrier that will not be present here.

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