Friday, 26 August 2011

Donnie Yen vehicle Flash Point (Wilson Yip, 2007)


Hong Kong action film. There's a cop, he has a partner undercover in a Vietnamses gang. He gets rumbled and there's a bit of fighting to be had about it.

There are few fight sequences as good as the whole final scene. But leading up to that it could have done with having a little more going on (car chase and on foot chase a little underwhelming). Wasn't particularly sophisticated, but at least it brought up many issues: corrupt police, immigration/diaspora communities and over-zealous, violence-consumed police officers, but made no sincere effort to try and deal with any of them. Short film, good fun.

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  1. I love this film - i'm a bit of a martial arts afficionado and i don't know if you noticed that this film had great crossover appeal (to the US market) because Donnie Yen choreographed a lot of fights using brazilian jiu-jitsu - also,in a nod to those in the know - the E P I C knife and baton fight between Yen and Jacky Wu (it was allegedly spontaneous and had little pre-planned choreography)