Sunday, 6 May 2012

March 2012 Films

Didn't realise I hadn't yet put this post up. This is the list of films seen in the month of March in order of preference, with the best at the top. As usual, there hasn't been a great deal of proof-reading and any reactions were my initial thoughts, quickly compiled. On a similar note of the non-time-consuming nature of these posts, I haven't gone through the formalities of directors, writers and all that palava. It's all just about putting my thoughts together and compiling helpful lists.
I didn't actually see that many films on accounts of preparing a couple'a pretty big Minicine screenings and a ton of MA work. April's pretty much the same actually. Will put April's up in a week or so

Hunger Games
If all mainstream 12a, mass appeal multiplex films could have the interesting and subversive subtext that this film has, and draw in a massive teen and young adult mainstream audience, then Hollywood is doing some things right.

Innocent Sorcerers
Smooth as silk, and a joy to watch, whist appreciating how oppositional such a simple narrative about two ‘individuals’ could be under its socio-cultural context of production.

War Horse
War Horse
#ThreeTweetReview I feel guilty about my unfair dismissal of it prior to today. It's a perfectly crafted Hollywood film.......Given the context of its family/child appeal, its questioning of pride's meaning & attack on established masculine heroism is really...... powerful. Plus, few war films are quite so anti-manichean (two sides of real people). Oh yeah, and I balled my eyes out a great dea

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done
Considering two masters of insanity/eccentricity, Herzog and Lynch, the performances of late from Michael Shannon, not to mention the often mind-bending direction of Herzog's camera, the notion of madness in this film is far too blunt, brash and over the top. Removing the nuance it may have needed.

Are we There Yet
Carried by Ice-Cube’s immense screen presence. Watched as family film Sunday with my five year old son, so the narrative of what makes a good parent, or even what makes a parent a parent was particularly striking. Corey was almost moved to tears when at the reveal of their father’s reason for not seeing them. It has really stayed with him too, bringing that thought up on many occasions, and subsequently getting quite sad about it.

Night of the Demon


Super high me
Though not particularly ‘important’, grand or poingnant, it is a very fun film, with the central comedian really lighting the film up (budum tisch *drum sound*).

The Pirates
In jubilee year, having the queen as the antagonist is always going to be good for me.

Bel Ami


The below, are films I’ve Rewatched so don’t count in the ususal list (wouldn’t have ranked too high anyway
Evil Dead 2
Child’s Play 2

Out of the new cinematic releases seen this month
Hunger Games
War Horse
The Pirates
Bel Ami

New cinematic releases this year so far
The Hunger Games
Surviving Life (Theory and Practice)
War Horse
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
The Descendents
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Journey 2: the Mysterious Island
Woman in Black
Dangerous Method
The Pirates.
Bel Ami
Star Wars Episode 1

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