Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Best picture nominations in order of my preference

I must admit, until I came to list these I wouldn't have thought they would come out in this order; I quite shocked myself.

It seems really harsh having something like 127 Hours so low down, as I really did like it, but there are just some stronger films above it. The only film on here that I whole-heartedly do not like, is The King's Speech, but even that I recognise the technical quality of the strength of the performances; I just hate what it has to say about society (supporting that 'honour thy duty and know your place, stiff upper lip, the empire (or any dominant ruling ideology) needs you' bullshit).

1. Black Swan
2. Toy Story 3
3. Inception
4. Winter's Bone
5. True Grit
6. The Social Network
7. The Fighter
8. The Kids are Alright
9. 127 Hours
10. The King's Speech


  1. you and Jo are crazy with your anti-Kings-Speech stance. At least you have watched it!

    Fact is, I reckon it will win and, more importantly, it would be one of my personal favourites: alongside INCEPTION, THE SOCIAL NETWORK and BLACK SWAN. (Y'see, I could argue that BLACK SWAN is so extravagantly camp and theatrical...)

  2. Ya know I don't even begrudge people's love for it, as it is technically accomplished, it is just so ideologically regressive that it makes me angry. I too think it will win although I think Social Network is in with a shout and really hope (despite it not being my favourite) that it does win; it is much more of the current; it has its finger on the pulse of contemporary society and tells it in a really sophisticated manner.

    Well interesting you say that about Black Swan; before I decided I was a little too lazy to write a little caption under each of the above listed films, one of the best things I would say about Black Swan is how it manages to capture both my taste for contemplative, thought provoking characters, as well as camp genre based spectacle. Usually I like one or the other and not so much te ones in between, but this isn't between, it is just both.